Garage door opening mechanisms have become more reliable and robust as the technology behind them has evolved but if you own a door with an older mechanism, you accidentally damage a newer one, or you are just plain unlucky, you may find that you need the services of a local garage doors repair team at some point in the future. If this is the case, we recommend calling for help sooner rather than later, owing to the negative financial implications that not doing so could have for you. Below, we take a look at 8 ways in which a damaged or broken garage door could end up costing you money if you do not have it attended to promptly by a local professional.

How Our Garage Doors Repair Team Can Help You to Save Money

As local installation and repair specialists who have been providing residents of Calgary and the surrounding area with a range of affordable and convenient services for well over two decades, we are very familiar with the potentially costly issues that can be encountered by local homeowners who neglect their garage doors. It is for this reason that we encourage our customers to call us as soon as they have a problem. The following list outlines eight of the ways in which your garage door could cost you money if you do not have it fixed as soon as you notice there is something wrong with it.

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1. Lower Property Value

It may seem like an insignificant issue but a broken or damaged garage door can have a negative effect on the value of your property so if you are planning to sell up and move in the near future, you should definitely consider fixing your door before you put your home on the market. When potential buyers view a residential property, its curb appeal will influence how they feel about it from the outset. As the outside of your home is the first thing they will see when they arrive, anything that doesn’t look quite right will catch their eye before they even set foot inside your front door. If potential buyers form a negative opinion of your home before they have a chance to see what the interior looks like, you may find it harder to sell it for the asking price and end up having to lower your expectations.

2. Higher Insurance Premiums

Generally speaking, insurers charge higher premiums for properties with security issues and a broken or damaged garage door is a major red flag as far as the majority of home security specialists are concerned. If you would like to take advantage of the lower premiums offered to homeowners who can prove that they take the security of their properties seriously, it is well worth spending a little money on a garage doors repair service, delivered by experienced professionals. In the worst cases, for doors that no longer provide any kind of barrier to entry, you may find that many home insurance companies are not willing to sell you any type of cover or will insist on premiums that are so high, they make insuring your home an uneconomical proposition.

3. Higher Energy Bills

Homeowners who use their garages as an extension of their ground floor living area will find that incorrectly hanging garage doors lead to higher energy bills. If there is a gap between the door and the frame, hot air will escape in the winter and the air that you cool in the summer will be exchanged for the warmer air outside. If you do not want to pay more than is necessary to keep the air in your garage at a comfortable temperature, you should call a local garage doors repair team to come and fix it as soon as possible. If you live in Calgary or any of the towns and cities that surround it, we will be delighted to take care of it for you so please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at any time, or to send us an email asking us to call you.

4. Further Deterioration

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Damaged and poorly functioning garage doors often end up costing more to repair when you procrastinate, as they tend to deteriorate over time. If, for example, the torsion spring on one side of the opening mechanism has failed or shows signs of serious wear, you will put more strain on the other spring if you decide not to have the damaged one replaced. In time, the second spring could also fail, leaving you with a bill for two new spring when you could have just replaced one of them, had you acted earlier. Garage doors with rollers that are damaged can come off the tracks completely, causing damage to the springs, cables and to the door itself in the process. The potential for further damage or deterioration depends on the precise nature of the problem you have with your door but in almost all cases, it will cost you more to repair your door if you decide to wait.

5. Theft

Our garage doors repair technicians have received a number of calls over the years from distraught homeowners who have had items stolen from their garages because their doors were damaged or would not close properly. Whilst we were able to help prevent future intrusions by repairing the doors in question for these unfortunate people, we are sure you will agree that avoiding theft in the first place by having the doors repaired or replaced promptly would have been a much better option for all concerned, except perhaps the thieves! If you would like to make sure that everything you keep in your garage is safe and secure, we recommend having any necessary repairs made to the main door at the earliest possible opportunity. Most types of repairs can be completed in a relatively short space of time and are not very expensive when compared to the losses you could sustain if thieves gain entry to your garage in the meantime.

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6. Damage to Your Vehicles

Doors that do not open properly, close unexpectedly or are literally hanging on by a thread have the potential to cause serious damage to any vehicles that you keep in your garage. If you notice frayed cables, worn springs, damaged rollers or tracks, or anything else that seems to be wrong with your door, we would advise you to call our Calgary garage doors repair team without delay. The cost of repairs to your door will be dwarfed by the cost of repairs to your vehicles if it fails completely so it is well worth investing a little money now to make sure that you do not have to spend a lot more in the near future. You may also find that any damage to your vehicles that is caused by your garage door will not be covered by your insurer if they discover that you knew the door was in a bad state of repair at the time the damage occurred.

7. Personal Injury

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In the worst case, a garage door that is damaged or not functioning correctly could cause injury to you or to other members of your family, resulting in expensive medical bills, time off work and a whole heap of stress that could easily have been avoided. It could also injure a guest or somebody that comes to perform work on your property, leaving you open to the possibility of having to defend a costly lawsuit. In the event that you already knew about the problem with your garage door, you would be likely to lose such a lawsuit, which could result in you receiving a huge bill for damages. To avoid the possibility of legal hassles, not to mention the stress and guilt you would be sure to suffer from if you felt responsible for another person’s injuries, we suggest fixing any serious issues with your garage door as soon as you can.

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8. DIY Disasters

Some people, aware of the negative financial implications of not having their garage doors repaired, decide to attempt the repairs themselves, in order to save a little money. Unless you are a qualified and experienced professional, we would recommend against this course of action owing to the possible consequences. You could cause injury to yourself or others, further damage your door, or damage the frame surrounding it. For safety reasons, and to avoid having to pay far more to have it repaired than would have been the case if you had called a specialist in the first place, we recommend calling us or another reputable garage doors repair team in Calgary rather than trying to fix it yourself.

Whatever type of garage door you have and whatever type of problem you are experiencing with it, please feel free to call and speak to one of our experts at any time. We provide free quotations, expert advice and a highly responsive repair service.