Garage Door Drum Replacement

There is nothing more frustrating than a malfunctioning overhead door.
In most cases, the garage door drum will need replacing, which can place your busy day on hold.
The garage door wheel is made up of cable with tension elements, so it is best left to a professional to maintain. 

Garage Door Drum Replacement

Trust B&W to Maintain your Garage Door Drum, Cable, Wheel, and everything in Between.

We Take Pride in Providing Unparalleled Service

With the technician expertise of B&W Garage Doors in Calgary, we ensure that the door will be fixed fast.
Why? We are dedicated to serving our customers and aim to provide the best customer service that spells FAST. 

You can then enjoy peace of mind knowing that your garage doors are in safe hands as the garage door drums are prepared correctly.
Contact us today for a 24/7 garage door repair and drum replacement service.

  • Proper problem diagnosis and solution
  • Guaranteed cost-effective advice
  • Wide range of brands
  • Guaranteed efficiency and reliability

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We Make Overhead Drum Adjustments

One of the malfunctioning units you can expect us to inspect will not require a garage door drum replacement. All it needs is a simple adjustment to the drum wheel. 

We will calibrate rollers found on the far end of the torsion spring shaft as the first and most crucial step. The components assist the door cable and lift the garage door. 

The drums above each garage door tracks on both sides of the door opening.  

Let Us Help Troubleshoot The Garage Door Drum

Has your garage door become shaky and noisy when used? Then you may need to have the garage door drum replaced.
When the drum and drum wheels are not maintained professionally, dust and dirt accumulate.
Also, with the lack of maintenance of the components, the parts begin to corrode and will need replacing to prevent further damage. 

B&W Garage Door Can Help Maintain Your Garage Door

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Let us help maintain your garage door in Calgary for you. You can expect the best client service handled with honesty and quality.
We will assess the problem and provide the best advice moving forward. 

With our up-to-date techniques, you will receive a complete inspection of your overhead garage door.
You can expect us to be there any time of the day or night throughout the year.
Contact us now for your free estimate on the garage door drums. 

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