Common Garage Door Sizes Chart

Common Garage Door Sizes Chart
Nir S Garage Door Technician

Written by Nir S. Garage Door Technician – B&W Garage Doors

Garage Door TypeWidth (feet)Height (feet)Common Uses
Single Door8 to 107 to 8Standard single-car garage
 9 to 107 to 8Slightly wider single-car garage
Double Door12 to 187 to 8Standard double-car garage
 167 to 8Most common size for double-car garage
RV Door8 to 1012 to 14Recreational vehicle storage
Custom DoorCustomCustomGarages with unusual sizes or requirements
Key Considerations size

Key Considerations:

  • Single Door Garages are typically used for single-vehicle storage.
    The most common width is 9 or 10 feet, suitable for most passenger cars, with a standard height of 7 or 8 feet.

  • Double Door Garages provide ample space for two vehicles and are usually 16 feet wide.
    This allows for comfortable entry and exit for both cars and additional storage space on the sides.

  • RV Doors need to accommodate the additional height of recreational vehicles, thus the door height ranges between 12 to 14 feet, ensuring safe storage for taller vehicles.

  • Custom Doors are necessary for garages with non-standard dimensions.
    Whether it’s for design aesthetics or unique vehicle sizes, custom doors can be tailored to meet specific width and height requirements.


Measurement Tips:

  1. Width First, Then Height: Always measure the width of the opening at the widest point, wall to wall, followed by the height from the floor to the lowest point of the ceiling or overhead framing.

  2. Consider the Headroom: Ensure there is enough space above the garage door opening for the door itself, the tracks, and the opener.

  3. Side Room Requirements: Check the available space on the sides of the garage door opening. This is crucial for the installation of the vertical track.

  4. Depth of Garage: The garage depth must be sufficient to accommodate the length of the vehicle and provide space for the door to open fully into the garage without obstruction.

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