Garage Door Cable Replacement

Keep your garage door in excellent condition.
The cables are crucial for opening and closing the garage door.
At the first sign, if you notice garage door cable issues, contact our specialists to help.

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Garage Door Cable Replacement

Time and Cost: What to Expect for Cable Replacement

Aspect of ServiceDetails
Service DescriptionProfessional replacement of worn or broken garage door cables to ensure safe and smooth operation of the garage door.
Estimated DurationTypically 1-2 hours. However, this can vary depending on the complexity of the job and the garage door system.
Price RangePrices can vary widely depending on location, type of cable used, and complexity of the installation. Generally, prices can range from $250 to $350.
Types of Cables Available– Standard lift cables for most residential doors. – Torsion spring cables for doors with torsion spring systems. – Extension spring cables for doors with extension spring mechanisms.
Warranty on Service Typically 1 year for the service and parts.
Signs You Need This Service– Garage door is hanging at an angle. – Door moves unevenly or jerks during operation.- Noticeable fraying or wear on cables.- Garage door won’t open or close fully.
Additional Services OfferedWe provider also offer full garage door inspections, and door balancing as part of the cable replacement service.
Safety PrecautionsProfessional installation is recommended as garage doors are under high tension and DIY repairs can be dangerous.
Scheduling ProcessService can typically be scheduled over the phone or online. We offer same-day or emergency services.
Payment Methods AcceptedWe accept major credit cards, cash. Digital payment options also be available.

B&W Garage Doors Prioritize Safety

B&W Garage Doors Prioritize Safety Regarding garage door repairs and installation, we prioritize your safety.
We ensure your garage door remains in working order and follows all safety protocols.
Our garage door repairs involve carefully inspecting the components and examining the cables. 

For every project, our technicians conduct a safety check.
We dedicate ourselves to providing you with a customer satisfaction guarantee.
Contact us for a same-day repair service today.
We can install new doors and sell parts for residential and commercial garage doors. 

Symptoms of Faulty Garage Door Cable

  • Garage Door Not Opening Properly
  • Jammed or Stuck Overhead Door
  • Door Exhibiting Weird & Loud Noise
  • Misaligned Tracks & Loose Cables

Garage door Spring replacement DangerAs garage door cables are essential moving parts, contact us today.
Have the cables checked out when you see a misaligned door or it malfunctions!

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Broken Garage Door Cable Repair by Experts

B&W Garage DoorWhether you have an extension to the torsion spring system, a cable is always connected.
These cables play a vital role in helping you lift your garage door.
Unfortunately, with time they wear out with the heavyweight. 

Get your garage door inspection done today by someone you can trust.
We are available every day of the week for your emergency garage door repair.
We await your call to assist you with free professional advice and a cost estimate NOW. 

What Are Common Garage Door Cable Problems?

  • Wound around the drum
  • Pulleys get worn out
  • Cables wear and tear
  • Break because of rust



In many cases, garage door cables will snap due to rust that occurs in the
bottom brackets of the door. The cables are held in the bottom bracket with
a pin that will get rusty with time and the grinding of both will get the cables
to snap.

If you live in a cold place, you will see the accumulation of water and snow
in the bottom sides of the door. It is highly recommended to clear them out
and make sure they will not get to the tracks and brackets. Other cases will
just be old doors and regular ware and tare of the door.

Replacing your garage door cables takes specialty tools and knowledge. The
replacement of cables includes high tension of the springs and cables.
Installing the cables by yourself is not recommended.

Cables cost can vary based on the size and weight of the door.
A specialist
can determine that once arriving to the site.
Although the concept of
replacing the cables is similar, the same job can get complicated in different
doors due to their condition.

Yes. Highly recommended. Both cables have the same life cycle, so you can
understand that the “good one” is about to snap soon anyway. You might as
well save time and money and replace them both. Aligning the door properly
should be done with a set of new cables.

Due to the heavy weight of garage doors, the cables are made of steel.

Yes. In most cases only one cables will snap, which means the door will fall
partially and will look crooked. If you are having a bad day and both cables
snap while the door is open – the door will fall. This is the reason why you
should always call a specialist once something happens to you garage door.

We carry thousands of different garage door system parts.  We’ll help identify it for you, let you know if we have it in stock, or recommend a compatible part.

Visit us: 560 Cleveland Crescent, SE,
Calgary T2G 4A9.

You should
always consult with a specialist if purchasing parts and especially if a repair
is needed.

No. Opening the door while one cable has snapped may cause severe
damages and sometimes for the second cables to snap as well and for the
door to fall.
A snapped cable is extremely dangerous situation, especially if
the door is partially open. You should call a specialist immediately and stay
away from the door.

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