Garage Door Weather Stripping

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Garage Door Weather Stripping

Why Weatherstripping & Trim are Important

weatherstripping saves energy

Installing weather stripping on your garage door is crucial in Calgary’s climate, not only to protect against the elements, but also to lower your energy costs by up to 15%.

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With our expertise, we provide commercial to residential garage door weatherstripping, from installation and replacement to repairs.

Weather stripping acts as an insulator keeping the garage cool in the hot summer months and warm in the winter.

Choose From The Top Three Types of Weatherstripping

With the weather, you get damage on the garage door weatherstripping, which can prevent you from entering your garage.
Unfortunately, it also raises energy costs when it leaves gaps in the garage.
To prevent this from happening, it helps to take action now to provide your garage with proper insulation. For this reason, we have the following weather strips available.

Steel Weather Strip

Steel Weather Strip for garage door

While costlier, this weatherstrip is your best option to ward off dirt, water, rodents, and snow. In addition, you get the best protection to seal all the gaps.
Many options are available, from reinforced foam, magnetic, felt, reinforced silicone, interlocking metal channels, and more.

Bottom Weather Strip

Bottom Weather Strip for garage door

A bottom weather strip helps to stop the rain, debris and melting snow from entering through the bottom of the door.
You can choose a door sweep or door shoe weatherstripping, as both are excellent options.
Choose a reinforced foam or a silicone one, as they are perfect for retaining moisture. 

Vinyl Weather Strip

Vinyl Weather Strip for garage door

For most property owners, it is a go-to option to weatherproof the garage during winter.
Vinyl weatherstripping is affordable and remains highly efficient to ensure your garage remains safe against the cold. 

Garage door Weather Stripping faqs


A simple way to check if your garage door needs weather stripping is to close the door and turn off the lights inside the garage. Then, hold a lit candle or flashlight close to the edges of the door.
If the flame flickers or the light shines through, your door needs new weather stripping or maintenance.

There are several types of weather stripping available for garage doors, including vinyl, rubber, and foam. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice will depend on the specific needs of your garage and the climate in your area.

The lifespan of weather stripping will depend on the material and the climate conditions in your area. Generally, you should plan to replace your weather stripping every 3-5 years, or more frequently if you notice that it is becoming worn or damaged.

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