Garage Doors Panel Replacement
Garage Doors Panel Replacement Calgary

Most garage doors are composed of a half-dozen or so rows of wide or narrow panels. These panels are made from a variety of materials including wood and fiberglass. It’s these panels that provide insulation and security and also comprise the single biggest visual element of your home. As such when one or more of the garage door panels is damaged it can result in a number of potential problems including wasted energy, reduced home security and loss of curb appeal for your Calgary home. All of these issues can have a negative impact on the market value of your home as well so it’s always in your best interest to repair or replace damaged garage door panels as quickly as possible.

Trust B&W with Your Garage Doors Panel Replacement

At B&W Garage Doors we know that garage doors replacement is vital to ensuring that the door does its job the way it was designed to. Leaving damaged panels in place will impact nearly every aspect of your home life. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind before performing garage door panel replacement.

 The age of the door: If the door is 20 years old the wiser course of action may be to simply replace the entire door instead of replacing a few panels. In Calgary the average garage door has a lifespan of about 20 – 25 years so you’ll likely need to replace it fairly soon anyway. If, on the other hand, the door is only a few years old then replacing damaged panels is probably the way to go, although there are other things to consider as well.

 The extent of the damage: One of those “other things to consider” is how many panels are damaged and if there is any other collateral damage to the tracks, rollers, springs or anything else. If the car hit the door when it was closed for instance this can sometimes have a cascading effect that involves these other components. If there is no collateral damage however and the number of damaged panels is small then garage door panel replacement is probably the right course of action.

Will the new panels match? If the garage door is 8 years old and the damage is confined to a couple of panels it may seem like the right thing to simply replace the damaged panels. However, new panels might not mesh even if you found panels that should have been a perfect match. That’s because the surface of the existing panels may have dulled with age or, in the case of white panels, yellowed a bit. If a perfect match is impossible you may need to replace the whole door or consider painting the door.

 Cost: Of course you don’t want to undertake any repair or replacement activity until you know the cost. One reason you may want to install a new door if there is collateral damage is that the cost of fixing all the different components may be equal to or even greater than the cost of just replacing the whole door. Again, however, if the damage is confined to a few panels then replacement would seem to be in order.

If one or more panels on your garage door have been damaged for some reason contact B&W before deciding whether garage doors panel replacement is the correct course of action. Whichever path you choose B&W Garage Doors Specialists, Calgary can help you get your door back up and running normally in no time. Give us a call on (403) 275-6048. to find out more.