Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The sound your garage door makes when it opens signals your pets or family you are home.
You may prefer a quiet garage door opener when your garage is underneath a family room or your bedroom. 

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers Installation and Repair (1)

Choose Your Belt Opener

You are in luck, as B&W Garage Doors can help. Our top-of-the-line belt drive garage door opener is whisper-quiet and durable.
Still, you may feel the price is too much, but one thing to remember is that you’re paying more for than just a noise reduction as belt drive openers offer you:

  • Power with modern drive belts comprising steel-inforced rubber, fiberglass, and polyurethane that is durable to last a long time.
  • The belt-driven garage door opener is backed with an excellent warranty compared to your less expensive models and is easily maintained.


½ HP AC Belt Drive Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

  • Smartphone control
  • Works with Amazon Key
  • myQ Diagnostics


Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener with Dual LED Lighting

  • Control, secure and monitor the garage
  • Ultra-quiet DC motor
  • myQ Diagnostics in the myQ app 
Belt Drive Garage Door Openers Installation and Repair (1)

Choose from a range of renowned garage door openers and models.

Get The Best Belt Garage Door Opener Installation

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers Installation CalgaryAt B&W Garage Doors, we recommend investing your hard-earned money in a Liftmaster belt garage door opener.
The LiftMaster 8155W has a belt drive system offering you industrial strength use, and it comes with a ten-year warranty. 

The system has excellent safety and security features to protect your business or family. But if you want a very quiet operation, we recommend a direct-drive garage opener. Even the maintenance is a breeze.

Maintenance on The Belt Drive Garage Opener

Caring correctly for your belt drive garage opener provides you with years of use.
Aside from being quiet, it has many other advantages, as it is easy to maintain.
Hence, you can easily keep it maintained by doing a few things to prolong its use:

  • Biannually you can spray lubricant on the moving parts using a lithium lubricant and run the opener several times after lubrication to spread it evenly. 
  • If your belt drive system malfunctions, we recommend turning off the power to pull the manual release handle to check if it is working correctly. If you find it is not working, call us to help you with a belt garage door opener repair. 
  • Also, check the door hinges as a damaged one puts strain on the belt drive system and needs to be done periodically. You can schedule an appointment with us to have a damaged one replaced. 

Are You Looking to Buy a Belt Drive Unit?

Do you need your current one repaired or replaced? be sure to call b&w garage doors, the experts in town.
We have years of experience in commercial and residential garage door services. Let’s help you with a new garage door opener installation, repair, and general maintenance throughout the Greater Calgary Area. 

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