Our Services

When you are in need of garage doors service it’s no laughing matter.
If a garage door is stuck open on one of Calgary’s many bone-chilling arctic nights you need someone there pronto to correct the situation to prevent your home’s expensive heat from draining into the atmosphere but also to restore your home’s security profile, of which the garage door is the biggest single component.

Opener Installation

We can install a new garage door opener to replace the existing one. Choose from a range of renowned garage door opener brands and models.

Garage Doors Installation

There is nothing more efficient to boost your property’s curb appeal than installing a new garage door.

Garage Door Repair

We have more than 20 years’ experience installing, servicing and repairing residential and commercial overhead garage doors in Calgary.

Garage Door Opener Repair

We service the greater area with garage door opener repairs for homes, commercial, industrial, and condominiums.

Track Repair

You have bent tracks, off-track garage doors, rusty tracks, a struck door, and even wear and tear using the door excessively.

garage door panel replacement

Damaged panels can result in a number of potential problems including wasted energy, reduced home security and loss of curb appeal.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

With our years of experience in dock industries and commercial garage doors, we have the right equipment to get that door back up and running.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

At B&W Garage Door Calgary, we can help you find and install the suitable access solution to keep your business operating.


With a trained eye, we here at B&W Garage Door Calgary can detect problems with your commercial, industrial and residential door before it comes down on you.