If you are like a lot of Calgary homeowners today you enjoy taking things into your own hands. When the kitchen cabinets need re-facing or there’s a new pendant light to hang or there’s insulation to be installed in the attic, you put on your work gloves, break out the DIY repair book and get to it. Either that or you call the local handyman to do the work for you because it seems like the cost effective way to do things. But there are some things that are always better left to the professionals. Things such as plumbing, installing a new electrical box, paving the driveway, repairing the roof and repairing the garage door. The reasons your garage doors REPAIR should always be left to the pros are many and we’ll get into them below.

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Here Are 12 Reasons to Leave Garage Doors REPAIR to the Professionals

Some tasks are perfectly suitable for those with a do-it-yourself streak in them or even the local guy with a toolbox and a truck. Building shelves, repairing the porch or laying carpet are all examples of such projects. However, when it comes to garage door repair there’s no substitute for calling the professionals. Garage doors may look like no big deal but people have died working on and around them because they were unaware of the risks involved. Here are 12 great reasons to always call the pros when you need garage door repair work:

1. We Have the Experience

Experience Garage Doors REPAIR

Many homeowners have been seriously injured and others have lost their lives trying to repair their garage door. That’s an unfortunate fact. Most serious accidents occur because homeowners don’t have any real experience working with garage doors. Their experience is limited to watching the door open and close as they enter and exit the garage. If a spring breaks or there is a problem with the motor or the tracks or any of the other components of the door they need to switch gears and look at the door from a mechanical perspective; something they’re just not used to doing. Professional garage door technicians spend most of their waking hours installing and repairing garage doors and analyzing the way the various components work together. It’s an entirely different way of approaching the garage door. Because of this they can diagnose a problem typically within minutes and they know exactly the right procedures required to safely effect repairs.

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2. They Have the Expertise for Garage Door Repair

Being a garage doors installation technician is not a job you can simply walk into and do properly the first day. It takes many long hours of study along with on the job experience and training to gain the expertise needed to be able to accurately diagnose a problem and determine the best way to fix it. Today’s garage doors are high tech devices that are energy efficient, extremely durable, often made from hybrid materials and capable of being operated via your smartphone from halfway around the world at any time of the day or night. These are not your grandparents manually operated garage doors. In order to be a top flight technician you must master the intricacies of the garage door motor, the drive system, the safety mechanism, the power supply mechanisms, the WiFi system that allows remote operation and know the best and safest way to handle the door’s most dangerous component; the springs that do most of the actual heavy lifting. You have to know how all these components work together and how they’re capable of affecting each other.

3. They Have the Parts for your Garage Door

Do you know the difference between the various kinds of garage door bearings and bushings? How about the different kinds of torsion spring cones, blocking or spring anchor brackets? Ever had to find garage door shafts or couplers or know the best place to get the garage door spring bumper you need? The pros at B&W never arrive at the site of a repair job without a truck stocked with every conceivable type of garage door part. From rollers to hinges to remotes, openers, opener keypads, receivers, carriages, limit switches, torsion springs, boards and more they’ve got the parts you need to get your door back up and running again in no time. Not only that, but because these garage doors PARTS are installed by qualified professional garage door technicians most are under full warranty as well. Which isn’t the case when a homeowner decides to install a part themselves.

4. They’re Fully Insured

Let’s say the torsion spring on your garage door snaps and you’re left with a door that’s unusable. In an effort to save a few dollars you ring up the local handyman and ask him if he wants to make a few bucks fixing it for you. He, of course, agrees and you feel as though you’ve dodged a financial bullet. The handyman arrives (with a spring that may or may not be the right one for your door, but that’s another matter), sets up his ladder and goes to work. You’re inside enjoying your morning coffee thinking all is right with the world when suddenly you hear a crash from the garage. You rush out to find the handyman lying in a heap on the floor of the garage, holding his back and calling for an ambulance. Everyone certainly hopes the handyman is alright. But do you know who is liable for the cost of his medical care, including the ambulance, doctor’s visit, physical therapy, lost wages and more? If you said “Me”, congratulations. You’re right. Not only that but you may get sued for punitive damages as well if the handyman’s lawyer decides your garage was an unsafe place to work. When you hire the professionals at B&W you don’t have to worry about any of that because each and every technician is fully insured against on the job injuries and the company itself has copious liability insurance.

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5. We Guarantee Our Work

Calgary garage doors

When you call B&W for garage doors REPAIR you don’t have to worry that the repairs are going to fall apart tomorrow and you’ll be left holding the bag. That’s because, being the professionals that they are, they guarantee their work. Guarantees are something you won’t get from the handyman and that don’t come into play if you decide to do the work yourself. If you or the handyman make a mistake and the door comes crashing down on your car you’re out of luck and out a lot of money. If on the other hand the professional technician makes a mistake the work is fully guaranteed and any damages are covered by the company’s liability insurance.

6. Fair Prices

Let’s say you’re experiencing some problems with your garage door and think it will cost too much to hire qualified pros to fix it. You ring up your neighbor to ask if they know anyone who can fix it for you and they recommend their brother in law. Technician shows up and seems to fix the problem and then presents you with a bill that sets your head spinning.

7. Support Local Small Business

The garage doors SERVICE technicians who repair your door are part of the fabric of the Calgary community. They’re visible wherever they go, driving company vehicles that identify them and wearing professional looking work clothes that also have their names on them. These are not people who are here to grab a few quick bucks before moving on to another town. They have their own as well as the company’s reputation to protect no matter where they go or the size or complexity of the job they’re called upon to perform. They also live among the people whose homes they work on. If they treat the customer poorly or do a bad job both they and the company they work for are held to account. In other words, as valued members of the community they have a vested interest in making sure they do a good job. If you hire a freelancer to do the work who knows where they’ll be a month from now or if they’ll answer the phone if their fix goes off the rails?

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8. They Don’t Waste Your Time

Globalization and technology have conspired to make old ideas of work obsolete. As a result many people today are essentially on call 24/7 dealing with suppliers and customers in far off lands, or fielding late night calls from the boss who needs something done now so that it’s ready for a big meeting in the morning. Having to carve out time to wait for the repair man to arrive can be a hassle that’s made even worse when they either

A) don’t show up on time or

B) show up but don’t really know what they’re doing or

C) show up and spend hours fiddling around trying to pad the bill.

When you hire the highly trained pros from B&W in Calgary they arrive on time and set to work. Their experience and expertise allows them to get right to the heart of the matter and set your garage door right in as little time as possible so you can get back to more important things.

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9. They’re More Affordable Than You Think

The cost of any repair has to be factored over the long run. That is, any savings you enjoy by replacing a track or garage door motor yourself can’t really be calculated until you see what happens down the line. If the motor malfunctions after you replace it you’ll be left footing the bill for another one because by installing it yourself you voided the warranty. That’s also the case if you have a handyman install it for you. Likewise if you or the handyman replaced a track that was damaged when the car accidentally backed into it and then that track malfunctions and the door drops onto your car or injures a loved one any costs associated with that accident have to be factored into the cost of doing the repair yourself. By comparison when you call the pros to effect repairs your cost is what is on the bill. If something goes wrong with the part then it’s covered by the warranty. If something is installed incorrectly it’s covered by the guarantee and in the extremely rare case when someone is hurt it’s covered by the company’s liability insurance. So in the long run the most cost effective repairs are almost always those done by the pros.

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10. You Won’t be Putting Yourself in Danger

When you try and handle garage doors REPAIR yourself you’re exposing yourself to myriad dangers. There’s the electrical component you have to be wary of, the chance something could go seriously awry with the extension or torsion springs, the fact that most types of garage doors SERVICE must be performed on ladders and the simple fact that the garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. So if you make a wrong move or don’t properly secure it while working on it that weight could come down on you or your car. The list of things that could go wrong while working on a garage door is a long one. And it’s made even longer when inexperienced and untrained people are trying to perform the work. For your own sake and the sake of those who depend on you and care about you leave the repairs to the professionals.

11. You Won’t be Putting Your Loved Ones in Danger

 Calgary garage doors repairIf you undertake repairs to the garage door yourself you will not only be putting yourself in danger you could very well be putting your loved ones in danger as well. If the motor and other electrical components of the door aren’t properly wired you run the risk of a short circuit and fire. If your repair of the auto reverse feature on the door wasn’t adequate someone could get crushed if they are in the way while the door is closing. If you installed new rollers but didn’t do so correctly the door could come loose from its tracks and plunge to the ground. And since the door weighs hundreds of pounds you’d better hope no one you care about is under it. If you installed a new opener yourself but the installation was faulty your loved ones could find themselves stuck outside the house during heavy weather. And if your installation of the remote control devices wasn’t done properly you could return home to find your door open and your house ransacked.

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12. You Can Rest Easy

Perhaps the biggest reason to make sure you always entrust garage door installation and garage doors REPAIR to the pros is that you’ll sleep better at night. You won’t be worrying about what you might have missed or whether the wiring is going to cause a fire, or whether the handyman you hired to do the work was sizing up your home for a later visit. You’ll also sleep easier knowing that any issues that might arise after the job is complete will be covered by the guarantee on the work or the warranties on the parts. In addition, you can be sure that any parts that needed to be replaced were replaced with original equipment manufacturer parts so there won’t be any problems with incompatibility down the line. Entrusting the care and maintenance of your garage door to the people who know them best is no different than making sure you always entrust the care and maintenance of your car to qualified mechanics. It the kind of common sense thing to do that allows you and everyone you care about to sleep better.


Garage doors installation, service and repairs fall into the category of things you should never do yourself or hire an unqualified person to do for you. There is more at stake than you realize and working around garage doors is a more dangerous thing to do than most people are aware of. Don’t put your home, your family, your car or your health and wellbeing at risk by gambling when it comes to garage door repair. Call the pros at B&W Garage Door Specialist in Calgary and rest easy knowing you did the right thing from a cost, safety and common sense perspective.

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