Garage Door Track Repair

All parts of the garage doors are essential as they work together to ensure you can get inside your garage.
Each piece must work smoothly to open and close the door.
Still, when the garage door track along the side of the door malfunctions, you have a problem.
But it is not a problem you cannot solve. To help with your garage door track repair, B&W Garage Doors Calgary stands by to take your call.  

We bring our store to your door and can fix 90% of all garage door problems on the spot

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Garage Door Track Repair Calgary

Garage door Spring replacement Dangerbent or misaligned garage door track is a problem itself, but it can also lead to other damage, and demand the need for bigger repairs.

What Causes Garage Door Tracks to Fail?

The truth is that many things can cause a faulty garage door track, and we have witnessed them all.
You have bent tracks, off-track garage doors, rusty tracks, a struck door, and even wear and tear using the door excessively.
If you find yourself facing any of these problems, give us a call today to have the garage door track immediately repaired.
Whether you’re a commercial or residential owner, we can help. 

Here are six signs your garage door tracks require repair:

  • The tracks are visibly misaligned. 
  • The garage door opens slowly or roughly.
  • The garage door won’t open.
  • There’s a gap between the track and rollers.
  • The garage door hangs ajar.
  • You hear loud noises when the garage door opens or closes

We bring our store to your door. Our fully equipped service trucks have everything from the smallest part to a brand new garage door opener, to ensure the best solution is on hand.

Same day garage door repair service

Garage door tracks need to be in good condition at all times.
For this reason, contact us to have it checked out so that it is free of cracks, not bent or has dents, and remains clean and lubricated.
With our service, you can feel assured your garage door will open and close smoothly. Address all your garage door issues today to get it back to its original condition. 

Contact our Team for Garage Door Track Repairs

B&W Garage Door - LogoAs you can see, getting your garage door tracks repaired properly is an important task.
It’s essential to make sure that the rollers are moving smoothly and the track is aligned. 
Our team has years of experience working with different garage door systems.
We have the tools available to repair your garage door tracks.
Let’s help you get your garage door back on track. 

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