Garage Door Maintenance

Why wait until your overhead garage door fails? Instead, start thinking about maintenance. With a trained eye, we here at B&W Garage Door Calgary can detect problems with your commercial, industrial and residential door before it comes down on you. 

Garage Door Maintenance

We bring our store to your door. Our fully equipped service trucks have everything from the smallest part to a brand new garage door opener, to ensure the best solution is on hand.

Garage Door Maintenance Programs

overhead Garage doors systems have multiple moving parts that can malfunction.
With our door maintenance programs, we can help you prevent unforeseen accidents before they happen. 

Our expert team will keep an eye on the garage door system to provide you with solutions to keep it working.
With a scheduled service call, we can detect problems before it becomes a huge problem. 

Prevent costly replacements today by scheduling your planned maintenance program with us today. 

Residential Planned Garage Door Maintenance

Planned Garage Door MaintenanceGarage doors fail when not expected! But with our trained team, we can help pinpoint mechanical issues before they happen.
A maintenance program can prolong your garage doors’ life expectancy. 
To ensure your garage door is working, our experts identify problems early.
With continuous maintenance of the operating system it will provide you with the following:

  • A reliable and smooth operation of the garage door
  • It helps reduce costly repairs.
  • It comes with labor and part guarantees.
  • You get regular inspections with repairs done at a time that suits you.
  • You get an improved system to prolong its lifespan. 

Find out more about B&W Garage Door Residential Maintenance here.

Checklist For Garage Door Maintenance

If you are unsure that the garage door needs maintenance or complete repairs, here is how you can find out:

  1. Close the garage door while standing inside.
  2. Look at the door rollers, springs, cables, mounting, and pulley. Look for wear and tear or any damaged parts like rust or dents.
  3. If you see any parts that look worn or have distinctive noises when using the door, it is time to call in an expert garage door maintenance technician.

Tips For DIY Garage Door Maintenance

DIY Garage Door Maintenance There are times when you can take action yourself before you call an expert. For example, to help your overhead to the garage door prolong its lifespan, there are some basic checks you can do:

  • It helps to check and lubricate the door tracks, hinges, bearings, and springs to rollers using door lubrication. Then, you can fasten the hinges to ensure it remains secure.
  • Wipe all moving parts clean with a rag and apply some oil, then use a clean rag with a diluted household detergent to wipe the outside of the door. 
  • Also, check your weatherstripping; if it is broken, if it is, you need to replace it.

Garage door Spring replacement Danger

Disclaimer: These Do-It-Yourself maintenance tips are performed at your own risk, and you should not attempt to do it without the required tools and safety clothing and you need to use correct safety practices.

Testing The Door Sensor Eyes:

Garage Door sensorThe garage door operator has a safety reverse system attached to help you reverse the door if it comes in contact with an object when closing. We recommend you test it once a month to ensure it works properly.


  • With a fully open door, place a 2-inch x 4-inch piece of wood on the ground to touch where the door closes.
  • With the keypad or remote, close the door, and when it strikes the lumber, it should stop automatically to reverse. 
  • If the garage door does not reverse, we recommend you call us and only use the door once the issues are resolved. 

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