For the most part – and considering how long they’ll last if properly maintained – automatic overhead garage doors are very affordable. In fact, a typical garage door in Calgary will cost about the same as a widescreen plasma TV. But unlike the TV that will be obsolete by the time you unbox it the garage door will help keep your home and those that live in it warm and safe for the next 20 years. Still, not all garage doors will cost the same. Below we’re going to cover 6 things that can drive up the cost of having your old garage door replaced.

Factors That Increase the Cost of Garage Doors Replacement

The cost of your new garage door will be dependent on the choices you make before work begins. Here are 6 things that will affect the final price of your garage doors replacement.

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Garage Doors Insulation

In the past most garage doors were made of wood and that was that. Then aluminum, steel and fiberglass came along to offer homeowners sturdier, generally longer lasting alternatives to wood. These doors typically have hollow panels which cut down on weight but do a poor job of insulation. As such, homeowners wanting to save on their monthly energy costs often choose to have a replacement garage door installed that has insulated panels. While this will typically lower your monthly energy bills it will also drive up the cost of the replacement door. Insulated doors in fact can be twice as expensive as non-insulated doors.

Garage Doors ReplacementGarage Door with Windows

Any time you shop for a new garage door you’ll be asked if you would like one with windows. As many or as few solid panels as you wish can be replaced with windows and the number of window styles available is mind-boggling. However, you should be aware that windows are going to increase the cost of the replacement garage door. How much will depend on how many windows you want and the style of those windows.

Garage Doors opener

There are 3 basic types of garage doors opener:

  1. chain drive,
  2. screw drive
  3. belt drive.

As far as price is concerned the chain drive opener is typically the least expensive and the most common. It’s not without its downside though as the chain drive opener can be fairly noisy. Screw drive openers are generally a bit quieter than chain drive openers although you’ll pay a bit more for them. Belt drive openers are durable, quiet and very reliable but they’re also typically the most expensive type of garage doors opener. Keep this in mind when choosing a replacement garage door.

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Additional options for your Garage Door

Today’s overhead garage doors come with all the standard options that have been part of the garage door repertoire for decades. Like everything else however, they now offer a slew of high tech options as well. You can now choose a garage door opener that will continue to work even if the power goes out, that can be programmed to open at a specific time and that can be operated from halfway around the world via the Internet. All of these options are great but all will add to the cost of the garage doors replacement.

Calgary garage doors companiesIncompetent installers

In an effort to save money some homeowners will enlist the help of the local handyman to replace their garage door. When the new door fails to work the way it should they’re then forced to call in the professionals and pay again to have the door reinstalled properly. Don’t take a chance with the safety of your home and loved ones. Always have the garage door installed by qualified pros like those from B&W Garage Door Specialists .

The missed appointment

It sometimes happens that homeowners schedule garage doors replacement and then something comes up that requires them to be elsewhere. In their haste they forget to inform the garage door company that they need to reschedule and the technicians arrive to find no one is home. The garage door technicians will of course need to charge for this wasted trip. So if you find yourself suddenly pulled away at the time you schedule the garage door replacement be sure you notify the garage door company immediately to save yourself some money.

Some of the things that will add to the cost of garage doors replacement in Calgary are a matter of choice and some are a matter of poor decision making. If you’re aware of the things that can make the replacement of a garage door more expensive you can take steps to keep costs under control.

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