If you’re getting ready to buy some new garage doors for your home in Calgary, you’ll have to consider how they’ll be installed. Garage doors aren’t the type of home feature you replace very often, so it’s likely that this is something you don’t have much experience with, if any at all. If that’s the position you’re in, you’re probably wondering how it all works. Here, we’ve got the answers to all your burning questions. Read on for the FAQs about garage doors installation.

Commonly-Asked Questions about Garage Doors Installation | FAQs

Can I Do it Myself?

Installing new garage doors is a huge task which requires specialist skills and tools. Attempting to do it on your own may seem like a good idea when you want a quick fix, but it will only be a headache later on when you find yourself still trying to work out how to get it right hours later, or having to pay for Garage Doors repairs later on. Installing garage doors is nothing like putting something together from IKEA. It’s best to leave it to the professionals.

How Much Will it Cost?

There is no blanket answer to this question, as the price of installation varies from case to case. How much it will cost you will depend on several different factors, including the type of door you’re installing, the type of lift mechanism and opener, and any other accessories you might be adding.

 What Type of Opener Should I Use?

There are various garage door openers to be used in garage doors installation. Generally, they’re operated either by a screw, chain or belt drive. A screw drive opener facilitates the movement of the doors via a threaded steel rod. This method requires regular lubrication to reduce noise and keep it running smoothly. A chain drive opener is comprised of a chain and a metal trolley, and is slightly noisier as a result. However, it is the most energy-efficient type to use. A belt drive opener is the quietest, as it involves no metal on metal contact. Instead, it uses a rubber belt. Unlike a screw drive opener, this one doesn’t require any lubrication. After you’ve chosen then type of opener to use, you’ll need to select the horsepower. The amount you’ll need depends on the weight of the doors, and if you choose one that’s not high enough for the weight you have, the opener will become strained and break down.

Should I Integrate My Garage Doors with Other Technology?

These days, the latest garage doors have the ability to be integrated with other technology in your home. Controlling lights, sounds and devices in your home via control pads and voice recognition is no longer just for the movies. Now, we can do it in our own homes. This new capability is known as ‘smart home’ technology and allows you to control the doors with your phone via and application. You can also use this to check if they’re open or closed while you’re away. This can be a much more convenient way of using your garage doors, especially for those who find themselves often losing their remote controls. For new garage doors installation, it’s recommended to use this kind of technology if possible. It will make daily tasks much easier and bump up the value of your home, too.

Do I Need to Install Extra Insulation?

If your garage is separate from your house, you might not feel that insulation is important. However, if this isn’t the case, insulation is something you should absolutely consider adding when installing your garage doors. If you don’t, you’ll end up with needlessly high utility bills as you waste energy heating up your home while cold air from the outside seeps in through the garage. If you happen to have a room sitting above the garage, insulation is especially important. Your new doors may have a layer of insulation built in, but even so, they should still be lined with weather stripping to seal the edges as much as possible.

Will I Have to Prepare My Door Frame?

Before you can install your new garage doors, you’ll have to check the size of the opening its intended for against the dimensions of the doors, making sure it’s exactly the right size. You should also check the headroom and the rear clearance that the door will have to make sure there will be enough space for it to open and close properly.

The list for  Garage Doors Installation |  FAQs is long, if you have any concern and question feel free to contact us.

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