Garage Door Rollers

When you neglect your garage door, the rollers can become defective. If your garage door needs new rollers or a repair, call B&W Garage Door in Calgary now and talk with one of our technicians. 

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Garage Door Roller Replacement

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When Should You Replace The Garage Door Rollers?

As with any other part, the garage door roller has a cycle rating, and the life expectancy is limited.
Every time you open and close your door, it runs through a cycle.
Hence, with a residential garage door, it runs about five cycles daily, and within a year, it ends up with 1,500 cycles.
We can do manual inspections to see when the rollers need replacing.
But it also depends on the quality of the roller and material.
Some common types of rollers are as follows:

  • The most basic one is plastic and only lasts a few years.
  • Your steel roller has no ball bearings and is a builder grade lasting only a few years. 
  • Regularly maintained steel roller with ball bearing can last up to 15 years but is noisy.
  • Lastly, your nylon rollers last up to 20 years but are costly. 

How Do I Know The Rollers Need Replacing?

When you maintain your garage door, the rollers can last a couple of years.
But there are some signs informing you it is time to have them replaced:

  • When the door vibrates when used or jumps off the track, it needs a new set of garage door rollers. 
  • If your garage door has gone out of alignment, it will need a roller replacement as it keeps the door aligned. 
  • The same applies to the rollers when the door gets noisy, especially with steel rollers, as it rusts over time.
    You can fix the problem with some lubrication, but it is best to contact a technician to determine whether it needs a repair or replacement. 

No matter the type of garage door rollers you have, it helps to have them inspected twice a year. You can expect to replace them every seven years.

Contact B&W Garage Doors Calgary for your garage door tune-up and inspection today. If the roller needs fixing or replacing, we will provide you with an affordable option. 

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