Our garage doors repair team have fixed hundreds of crooked doors in Calgary and the surrounding area, helping local homeowners to save money and stay safe in the process. If you have a crooked garage door and you would rather not replace it as it is still in good condition, a professional technician should be able to fix it in no time at all. There are several reasons that garage doors become crooked, which we are going to look at in the next section. After that, we will examine the reasons crooked doors should be fixed at the earliest possible opportunity, explaining some of the risks you may face if your door is not attended to by a qualified and experienced professional. If, after reading this guide, you would like further information about how to deal with crooked doors or you wish to find out more about the services we provide, please feel free to call us on (403) 275-6048 during business hours or send us an email at any time.

Our Garage Doors Repair Team Explains How Doors Become Crooked

This section was written in consultation with our experienced technicians, who have collectively worked in the industry for many years and helped numerous local residents during that time. If your garage door is not correctly aligned and looks wonky when it is closed, it is most likely because of one of the following reasons.

1. Broken Torsion Springs

Broken Torsion Springs  repairMost up and over garage doors utilize a matching pair of torsion springs in the opening and closing mechanism and broken springs are one of the most common causes of crooked doors. In the event that one of your torsion springs breaks or loses its elasticity, you may well find that not only does the door open and close more slowly than it should, but it also sits crooked in the frame once it has eventually closed. Fortunately, replacing broken torsion springs is an easy task for an experienced technician so if this is the reason that your door is siting crooked in the frame when closed, our garage doors parts and service team will be able to fix it for you at a very reasonable cost. We carry an extensive stock of torsion springs covering all popular makes and models so please do not hesitate to call for a quote if you think you might need a new one.

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2. Frayed Cables

Up and over garage doors normally feature cables along with springs, to help lift and lower the door, and to keep it correctly aligned. Over time, the wear and tear on these cables can cause them to weaken and fray. If the cables on one side of your door have deteriorated to the extent that they are no longer able to do their job properly, the result is usually a crooked door. Eventually, it may become difficult to open and close the door as well, which is why it is important to call a professional in as soon as you notice the symptoms. Broken or worn springs and cables can render your door dangerous to operate too: another very good reason to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Wherever you live in Calgary, we can come to your home and replace damaged or worn springs and cables at very short notice.

3. Damaged Rollers

Damaged garage door Rollers repairBoth automatic and manual up and over garage doors have rollers on either side that run along tracks as the doors are opened and closed. If they are damaged or worn, they can cease to function properly and cause your door to appear crooked when closed. In severe cases, they may stop your door from moving at all. In either case, you need to call a local technician to repair or replace the rollers in order to ensure that you are able to operate your door safely in the future and to avoid any further damage to the opening and closing mechanism or to the door itself. Our garage doors service team in Calgary can repair or replace rollers on all makes and models so please pick up the phone and call us if you need help.

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4. Jumped Rollers

Complete Guide to Garage Door SpringsIf the rollers on one side of your garage door have jumped off the tracks completely, this will result in a noticeably crooked door that poses a danger to anybody who tries to open or close it. Whether the door can be realigned without replacing the rollers or the tracks will depend on why they jumped off in the first place but if it is possible to do so, our garage doors repair technicians will be more than happy to carry out the necessary work on your behalf. In the event that it is not possible to fix the door without replacing the rollers or tracks, you will be pleased to know that we keep a good selection of these parts in our local depot.

5. Damaged or Loose Tracks

Another reason that your garage door may appear crooked in the frame is because the tracks on which the rollers run are damaged or have come loose. In order for your door to open and close smoothly, and for it to be correctly aligned in both its open and closed state, the tracks on either side must be maintained in good condition and must be fastened tightly to the surfaces on which they have been installed. If one side of the part of the tracks that keeps the rollers in position is damaged, the rollers can move out of alignment or come off completely, causing the door to become crooked. If the tracks start to come away from the surface on which they have been installed, this can also result in the door sitting crooked in the frame and moving at an odd angle when it is opened and closed. In either case, you should call a qualified technician to repair or replace them at the earliest opportunity.

6. Debris in the Tracks

Sometimes, the tracks themselves may be in excellent condition but because debris has become lodged inside them, the rollers are unable to traverse the length of the tracks without becoming misaligned, resulting in a crooked door. Whilst it might be tempting to try to remove the debris yourself, this is not something we would recommend, owing to the dangers that unqualified personnel face when working with heavy, movable doors. Every member of our skilled garage doors installation and repair teams has received extensive training and is intimately familiar with the workings of up and over doors, as well as the risks they pose and how to mitigate these risks when performing maintenance or repair tasks. For this reason, we recommend calling us to perform the work unless you are 100% confident in your ability to do it and possess the necessary experience.

Why You Should Fix a Crooked Garage Door Without Delay

A Guide to Some of the Most Common Garage Door ProblemsAll of the above mentioned issues can pose a danger to people and property, especially if they are left to deteriorate over time, which is why you should always have a crooked door attended to by an experienced technician as soon as you can. Below, we take a look at what might happen if you decide to leave your door as it is, outlining exactly why you should have it fixed in each case, whether by our garage doors repair team or by another reputable company in the area.

Loose, Damaged or Debris-Filled Tracks

If your tracks are coming away from their mountings, you should consult a professional garage doors service team as soon as possible. If you do not and they come off completely, your garage door could fall to the ground and cause serious injury to anyone in the vicinity when it happens. Damaged tracks also have the potential to deteriorate to the point where they are unable to hold the door in place, with similar consequences. Debris, if left to build up, could knock the rollers off the tracks or cause irreparable damage to them.

Damaged or Jumped Rollers

Rollers that are damaged are only likely to get worse over time and the likely outcome, if they have not jumped off the tracks already, is that they will do so at some point in the future. This could put too much tension on the springs and cables on one side, resulting in their complete failure and a door that is hanging in a very dangerous position.

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Damaged Springs and Cables

If you do not attend to these quickly, you can expect a similar outcome to the one outlined above: more damage to other components and a door that could come completely loose at some point in the near future.

Don’t take a chance with crooked doors: let our garage doors repair specialists come to your home or business premises in Calgary and fix them for you as soon as possible. Call or email us for a free quotation whenever you wish.