Contrary to popular belief the garage door, not the front door, is what most people use as the primary entrance to the home. A person may go in and out of their house 20 times a week through the garage door and only a few times through the front door. As such it’s crucial that the garage door be kept in good working order. Still, there are many homeowners who neglect the garage door; not because they’re irresponsible, but simply because they’re unaware how important regular maintenance is to its smooth, trouble free operation. Below we’re going to take a look at the high price of neglecting the garage door.

The Importance of Regular Garage Doors Service

Most new single family homes built in Calgary over the past 50 years have a one or two car garage, which means they also have an overhead garage door. That overhead door typically winds up being the primary entrance to the home yet many homeowners are unaware how important garage door maintenance is until something happens. Here are 6 negative effects of not properly maintaining the overhead door.

1. Spring Failure

While the garage door motor is important it’s actually the torsion or extension springs on the door that do the heavy lifting. Without them you’d have to open the door manually. Garage door springs, however, are typically one of the most neglected components of the overhead door system. And it’s that neglect that is the major reason people wind up needed spring repair or replacement. During a regular garage doors service visit the overhead door tech will make sure the spring or springs are clean, free of obstructions and properly lubricated so that you aren’t one of those homeowners calling for emergency spring repair.

2. Failure of the auto-reverse system

The auto reverse mechanism is a mandatory component of any overhead garage door. It alerts the door to the presence of people, bikes, pets and other things and initiates an automatic reverse of direction if it detects something or someone in the way of the closing door. Not making sure the auto reverse mechanism is functioning properly can lead to potentially catastrophic accidents involving loved ones, pets and property. For Services in Toronto Area Contact Garage doors Toronto

3. Motor failure

While the springs do most of the heavy lifting the garage door motor is needed to set the door into motion. Without it you would need to get out of your car and open the door manually. But garage door motors are mechanical devices and like all mechanical devices they require regular maintenance check-ups. Failure to schedule regular check-ups of the motor can result in small issues turning into big problems that lead to a failure of the motor and a hurried emergency call to the overhead garage door company for opener repair.

4. The door dropping out of its track

Most homeowners don’t think about it but overhead garage doors are heavy things. Even small ones can weigh 200 pounds or more and some large overhead doors can weigh as much as 500 pounds. When your garage door is open all of this weight is resting in thin aluminum tracks right over your head. Therefore it’s vital that those tracks be regularly cleaned and maintained and that even slight deviations from normal alignment be corrected immediately. If this aspect of garage door maintenance is ignored the results could be the full weight of the door crashing down onto your car or worse, onto you or your loved ones.

5. Infestations

The garage door covers what is by far the largest opening on your house. It’s important that the fit of the door always be snug with no room for opportunistic pests like squirrels, mice and raccoons to squeeze in and set up house. As your overhead garage door ages it becomes looser and the once-close tolerances around the periphery open up. The weather seal on the bottom of the door also wears out leaving plenty of room for smaller, determined animals to make their way inside where they can find relief from Mother Nature’s wrath. Regular garage door maintenance will ensure the door always exhibits a nice tight fit.

6. Compromised home security

An old or lose garage door is one of the most popular points of entry for criminals intent on stealing your possessions. After all, why break a window if you can simply reach in and pop the manual release mechanism? Or kick through a rotting wooden panel on the door and crawl in? Also, if you need opener repair but have put it off and are opening the door manually you may forget to lock the door once you close it leaving everything in the house vulnerable. Having the door checked on a regular basis will ensure the door presents a solid, uncompromised front to would-be intruders.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the garage door there is no substitute for investing in regular maintenance checks by qualified garage door technicians. The safety and security of everything and everyone in the home is dependent on the overhead door working properly. The motor needs to respond when prompted, the door needs to rise and fall in clean, well-maintained tracks, the springs need to be properly lubricated and their tension properly adjusted and the door needs to effectively cover the opening (which is the largest on the house) in order to keep out pests and burglars. In addition the auto-reverse mechanism needs to be in proper working order so that the door doesn’t close on your unsuspecting child or pet.

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