Landscaping, on the other hand, could be done by both a professional or someone with little to no experience who only read a few books on landscaping.

If you want to install a garage door, you need to hire a professional for this job.

Of course, if youre after a specific look or style of garage door, and, say, and simply must have it be wooden or vinal, then garage door prices are going to increase accordingly

but again, not in the exponential fashion they once did.

Whether you are in need of a garage door repair or are considering replacing an old door, you can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal by improving your garage door.

There is no difference in price between an electric automatic or manual garage door since any door can be either.

Extras included:

UPVC infill fascia above & to sides of frame, seals small gap as door & fixing frame size is smaller than structural opening.

Extras included:

UPVC infill fascia above head frame.

Extras included:

UPVC infill fascia above head frame – door has weatherseals in the door frame and bottom seal as standard.

Extras included:

UPVC infill fascia above door head frame to seal small gap – total door & frame height is 2192.

De latch security mechanism.

detached garage doors

Most often, a vinyl skin covers a steel frame. Steel is most common material used in garage doors.

A common misconception of unprofessional landscape “experts” is to use straight lines in everything they design. Everybody loves to have a well-maintained landscape garden.

This leaves them with a large variety of options – from garden sheds, gazebos, water features (like fountains and tiny ponds) to really huge projects like soccer or rugby fields.


They come with options for insulation and windows.

More expensive types typically look better, last longer and come with insulation.

Single-layer units are the most affordable with multi-layer, heavy types with thick insulation making up the higher end prices.


High end designs and custom work range from $1,500 to $10,000.

Higher end varieties use real wood veneers over insulated cores with 3 to 4 layers. Some high-end wood varieties use steel frames and layers.

However, some garage door types, like French or carriage, come with a premium price tag when customized in wood.


They let you have your garage open for light and air during those hot summer months while keeping the bugs at bay.

Steel garage doors and aluminum garage doors have also reasonable prices. Sub Frame: Box section steel matching door panel colour.

These prices reflect only the door and does not include locks, openers or labor. It must be noted however, that these are average prices taken from the most frequently encountered single width, brickwork open sizes measured by us over the past 30 years.

Specialists in garage doors for over 34 years now, our aim is to get you the RIGHT garage door for your application.

plan at least 20 years ahead when developing the design of your yard. Such a dramatic range comes mostly from the materials, design and size.

Some moderate design elements available.

Hardscaping is the term used to describe solid materials and elements implemented into traditional and modern landscapes to diversify them, makes them more practical and amp up outdoor living areas.

High-End: $1,500-$10,000.

Often highly customized with solid or faux wood construction.
Fiberglass comes in excellent, durable wood looks without the need to paint.

There are many areas which require expertise and prohibit any compromises when it comes to price or quality.

Of course, plenty of people fall short when it comes to properly taking care of their lawns.

Taking care of your property is a normal aspect of maintaining your home. Custom manufacturers can easily produce a residential glass style to match your home.

This will make your home appear much cosier and will eventually increase its selling value.

You will be surprised to know how many homeowners will only work on their backyard without doing anything with their front lawn.

If youre wondering how this approach on the part of a manufacturer is economically viable without somehow compromising the quality of the goods involved, consider this:

in terms of sophistication, manufacturing technology has come furthest of all, and it is now easier to manufacture garage doors and garage door openers than ever it was before, to the point that assembly-line robots can do the majority of the work.

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