We repair, sell and install LiftMaster openers in Calgary

If you want an automated garage door opener that is safe and secure, you have come to the right place. B&W Garage Door provides all residents of Calgary with LiftMaster garage door openers.

LiftMaster Openers Calgary

LiftMasters innovative products and accessories will keep you safe, secure and connected for years to come.

Choose B&W Garage Door For Your LiftMaster® Garage Door Opener needs

Regarding your garage door safety and security, we choose reliable, high-quality products, like LiftMaster garage door openers.
We have a range of LiftMaster door openers to cater to your needs.
We are a trusted distributor and have their whole collection with service and warranties. What sets them apart from other brands, you may wonder? 

  • You get connectivity using the LiftMaster MyQ® Technology to monitor and control the garage door when connected to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. 
  • You can expect exceptional performance opening your garage door safely with the LiftMasters P3 Motors™.
  • The LiftMaster comes with battery backup systems when paired with your power management system.
  • You get safety and security giving your peace of mind with the LiftMaster garage door opener line.  

Prompt service to fix an issue with the garage door which is now working again. Very happy with the service provided.

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B&W Garage Door Calgary Carries The Full Line of LiftMaster

No matter your garage door opener needs, we have the full range of LiftMaster available to choose from:

  • Contractor Series – It is a collection of economical, efficient, economical garage door openers. 
  • Elite Series® Garage Door Openers – LiftMaster’s innovative garage door opener collection provides high performance. 
  • Premium Series Garage Door Openers – The series is durable with high performance operating trouble-free and suitable for daily use, packed with control features. 

No matter what your garage door opener needs for installing or repairing a LiftMaster, our teams can handle it. Contact us today at B&W Garage Door Calgary and surrounding areas. 

FAQS: Liftmaster Garage door openers

Your Premium Liftmaster has Wi-Fi connectivity with battery backup and a buzzer alert that beeps. The beeping sound alerts you that a function has been performed successfully. If any issues arise, you can also hear the beep sound. It all depends on the GDO and the beeping sounds you hear. 

Garage Door Opener With Battery Backup:

There is a beep every two seconds

  • It means your units work only on battery power, and the LED light will display orange.
  • Make sure to restore the power and that it works throughout the home. Once power is repaired, and the LED remains orange, you need to test the electrical outlet, plugging it into another outlet. 

There is a beep every 30 sec

  • If you see the LED battery light flashes orange, the battery is low, while a red light indicates the battery is dead and is not recharging. 
  • You can test the outlet for an orange indication by plugging it into another outlet. If power is present and the LED color does not change or flash green, the battery needs changing and applies to a flashing red light.

Note: If you want to stop the annoying beep sound temporarily while wanting to replace the battery, you must disconnect the unit or the battery. After you disconnect the battery, plug the unit back in, and you will not have the beeping sound.

Backup Battery Useful Information 

The battery can run up to 20 cycles when fully charged, equating to two days of everyday use. If power is not restored by that time, you need to disconnect the battery from the motor. If not disconnected, it drains the battery, will not restore, and will need replacing when:

  • A battery weighs 4.5 lbs. or a 12V rechargeable one with 4.5 amp hours. 
  • You use the battery as a backup accessory with a year’s guarantee from the date of purchase. 

Sec+2.0 Garage Door Opener

  • When the garage door openers are placed into a force or limit Learn mode, you will hear one beep. You will hear another beep when you press the arrows up/down. 
  • If it constantly keeps beeping, the doors are closing unattended.
  • For garage door openers with a time-to-close control panel, you will hear eight seconds of beeping before it closes and will continue until the door closes. 

The Garage Door Opener Work With Wi-Fi

Furthermore, to the Sec+2.0 garage door opener beeping sound, it will also beep with Wi-Fi connectivity with a:

  • One beep when placing the garage door opener into Wi-Fi Mode.
  • One continuous beep while in Wi-Fi Mode, and the opener attempts to connect to a router. 
  • Two beeps while in Wi-Fi mode, and the opener attempts to connect to the myQ Server.
  • Three slow beeps in Wi-Fi mode, and the opener connects to the network.
  • Six fast beeps when it fails to connect to the server.
  • Three fast beeps to confirm the erase of Wi-Fi connectivity from the garage door opener. 

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