2021 Garage Door Prices:

Glass, Wood, Insulated

We do provide custom garage door hardware kits for just about any size or type of door.

Customers who are building their own garage doors often request torsion assemblies, tracks, and hardware kits for their doors.

The materials of garage door have high effect on the price of garage doors.

Specialists in garage doors for over 34 years now, our aim is to get you the RIGHT garage door for your application.

Real estate is not an investment at this time – it is a home, and a roof over your head.

You can find faux wood and composite laminates over steel in a wide range of styles.

Non-insulated detached garages do well with hollow steel doors or insulated to resist the impact of basketballs and other objects.

Hurricane resistant:

Have impact resistant designs with reinforced track systems and sturdy frames to keep from caving and twisting.

Manufacturers have different specifications for actual impact forces.

We supply only from leading Garage Door manufacturers such as Henderson, Fort Doors, Hormann, Gliderol, Garador, Select, Novoferm, Wayne Dalton and Wessex.



If you are a DIYer, you can save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance.



Whether you buy pre-owned or brand new, it is good idea, if at all possible, to save up cash for these expenses so you will not have to run up a lot of credit card debt.

If you have a lot of debt, it will be easier as a homeowner if you pay down most of if not all debt before you take on a mortgage.

In that case a larger down payment may be necessary to obtain a smaller mortgage.

You can break down the range into basic, mid-range and high-end categories.

On the low end, premade, off-the-shelf styles range from $250 to $1,500.

A new garage door ranges anywhere from $250 to $10,000.

If thats the case, rest assured that finding high quality garage door systems,

and even having them professionally installed, is not as expensive, nor remotely as much of a hassle, as it once was.

Normally, top quality wood garage door are the most expensive garage doors of all types of garage doors.
Basic: $250-$1,000.

Off-the-shelf premade types with little or no windows and generally made from steel.

There are three types of steel doors: hollow or non-insulated, insulated with vinyl backs, and insulated sandwich doors with steel on both sides.

The price of 8×7 steel garage door is almost ranges from $800-$1200. Browse our wide online range of garage doors, garage door openers and accessories.

Insulation values (R-value) range from 4 to 19.

The higher the value, the more it’ll cost.

If there is at least one room above your garage, we would recommend the higher R-value door.

Included in the door prices below are new sections, tracks, springs, heavy-duty hardware, and vinyl stops around the perimeter of the door.

Vinyl garage doors are long lasting than steel garage doors because they have ability to resist denting.

Larger sectional or steel rolling doors could cost as much as $500 to $1,000 to deliver.
Prices above are for the most common doors sold.

It is common even now that a mortgage broker will take your gross income and figure 30% and say you can afford it.

In the past it was very common to be told that your gross income was the dollar figure used to determine how much mortgage you could afford.

If you are paying 30% of your NET income you will more likely be able to afford it.

Compare the numbers based on 30% of your gross salary versus 30% your NET salary.

In reality, your gross income includes money you don’t even see every month – payroll taxes, healthcare deductions, 401K deductions.

Depending on your situation, it is easier to save for an emergency fund, have retirement accounts, and take vacations if your housing costs are based on NET income and not gross.

In many of the larger cities where employment prospects are better, the cost of housing is much higher and 30% of your NET income may not be realistic.

The best way to determine how much your monthly payment should be is based on your NET income.
If you get a fixed-rate mortgage, you will know every month what your monthly payment will be and that makes it easier to budget.

With a fixed-rate mortgage, the only changes that may occur in your monthly payment are the real estate taxes, insurance, and, if any, HOA fee.

Include all of the monthly recurring, real-life expenses mentioned above and see if there is a big difference, and which one you can live on. I hope a resolution can be found and just maybe your hub can help bring it about.


Insulated and attached garages do well with the sandwich doors.

Listed below are prices for new residential garage doors that we sell only in the Chicago area.

Are glass garage doors safe? Glass doors are safe.

More information about these doors can be obtained by visiting their web sites linked above.

Since crating and shipping can cost as much as $1,000 to $2,000, we recommend purchasing garage doors from local vendors in your area if you are outside the Chicago market.