Garage Door Keypad

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Garage Door Keypad Repair & Replacement
  • four-digit access code allows for easy entries
  • Completely wireless 
  • Weatherproof flip-up protective
  • Backlit keypad

Garage Door Keypad Repair & Replacement

We provide you with services for keypad repairs and replacements. The keypad with your garage door remote is an important part.
With the keypad, you get added safety to protect your valuables.
Unfortunately, when it breaks, it becomes a nuisance.  

The keypad on the garage doors is equipped with a receiver logic board to communicate with the keyless entry.
When the keypad does not work, you will not be able to use your remote. Hence, you need to fix both; some common problems can cause it. 

  • A depleted battery, when low, will not allow you to use the keypad or the remote. Therefore, we recommend replacing both batteries. 
  • You may have programming issues, and the keypad needs a reset to change the keyless entry pin. Also, remember to sync your remote with your keyless entry.
  • Sometimes the keypad will be functional but not allow you in.
    It can result in the buttons. The repair is trickier, and you need to call a technician like us to help.  
  • The newly installed keyless opener might have surface interference on the number pad. It may work when you remove the panel and test your pin.
    Use rubber grommets or a small piece of wood between the surface mounting and the pad to prevent this from happening again.
    If still not working, it needs a professional’s attention, as it might be a wiring problem. 

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